Here's The FASTEST, EASIEST And SIMPLEST Way To Start Profiting On Betfair - With No Experience, No Form Reading And No Practice

No Matter What You've Heard...

Congratulations. You've arrived on this page because you're different to most bettors.

You know that if you want to make regular profits from your betting, then you need to be different from the average punter.

And you’re right.

You’re looking for a betting system that:

  • Makes consistent profits
  • Has a very high percentage of winners
  • Is very low risk

The problem with most betting systems is that they only win 30%, or even 20%, of their bets.

That means you’re losing as much as 80% of every bet you place.


1. Imagine if you could win 75% of your bets

2. Imagine you could do that with very low risk
​3. Imagine consistent profits in your betting account

Achieving this is within your grasp. And I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do it.

To reach the three goals above, you need to use a method of betting called dobbing.

Dobbing is the process of backing a horse before the race begins and then laying it in-play.

Doing this means that:

A. If the horse wins you make a profit

B. If the horses loses you don’t lose anything!

A bit like this…

That’s pretty awesome!

And here's what some punters have been saying about it...

Thanks for everything you do to help us punters in our battle with the bookies.

David - Horse Racing Punter​

Thanks mate. The good run continues with 5 from 5 yesterday and 5 from 5 today!

Steve - Horse Racing Punter​

I've made profit already and am very excited about the potential.

James - Horse Racing Punter​

But doing this successfully can be hard because it relies on one thing:

Knowing exactly which horses odds are going to drop in-play.

If you don’t know that, then you’re never going to be able to make these bets pay. And finding these horses has always been difficult.

You have to:

  • Read the form of all the runners in the race
  • Determine the strongest horses
  • Investigate the pace of each of the strong runners
  • Watch video replays to see how they ran
  • Figure out if one of them was likely to lead
  • Hope that the odds dropped in-play

All in all that’s pretty hard work for a single bet.

Which is why I decided to go and investigate.

You see I have a database of over 112,000 races and 1,143,104 runners.

And for all of these runners we have ratings, statistics and in-running comments.

I took all of this data and, with my team, we began to go through it piece by piece until we uncovered…

The Exact Races and

Horses That Make Profits

That means no more guessing which races you should be looking at. No more guessing which horses should make a profit.

By applying a few simple rules we can find bets that make profits like this…

And we can find these every single day of the week!

And who wouldn’t want that.

Using this guide you will get matched on nearly 75% of your Dobbing trades, which means... there's never been a drawdown of more than 6 units!

Low risk, high strike rate profits.

So, if you want to:

  • Make consistent profits
  • Achieve a high percentage of winning bets
  • Place very low risk bets

Then you will need…

1. A Betfair account
2. Ability to place bets 1 hour before race​

And of course… have access to Dobbing Secrets. Which you can get for just £47 +VAT by clicking the button below.

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